Growing up a perfectionist, high achieving yet guarded and shut down only child who wanted to understand three things: how to express and accept herself fully, how to have a real a sisterhood of women, and how to have deep, harmonious relationships with men; Lauren Sheehan sent herself on a path of feminine spirituality and embodiment.


As the creator of  The Feminine Rhythm, whose mission is to help women remember how to celebrate and honor their feminine essence through teaching tools and practices around the care and cultivation of the health and  vitality of their bodies, pelvic bowls, and sexuality, she uses her passion for the integration of the body, mind, soul, and spirit to be a unique mentor, coach and healer for women who want more intimate relationships, deeper self connection, better sex, and more profitable businesses.


She has been in the field of coaching, healing, speaking in the areas of entrepreneurship, women's spirituality and sexuality, and personal presence marketing/branding for 8 years, and is a master teacher on The Art of Feminine Presence.


You can find her and her free 5 day audio course on feminine presence and power at