a place to birth your life with support, sisterhood and feminine wisdom

Begins November 2015

What could you create if you had a safe space to create from? What could you do if you truly felt seen, heard, and supported by a community of women?


As women our life paths look so different, following different inspiration and unique passions. But I find, having worked with so many women and with myself, that all of our lives converge at the same place: Our natural feminine rhythm.

When we connect to our own innate cycles, energy, and pace, our lives begin to unfold. Some of the essentials we need as women to grow are






This is a container for our own growth. This is a place to express your creativity and wisdom.

A place that we all hold sacred to give ourselves much needed sustenance and support to grow the lives we want to live.

I’ll share practices and wisdom that helps you feel more at ease and rested in your body, understand how to care for your own body, heal your wounds and old traumas, and tap into your most energized mode of creativity, embodied womanhood, and sexual integrity.

This is a group of women who want to connect to what they love, make meaning out of their lives and relationships, and live their own medicine.

I will share what I know to help you create from your own natural rhythm.

The beauty of this circle is the sharing of all the stages of womanhood and creative paths. As we connect, share, and learn together we grow stronger and softer together.

This is a collaborative and active circle. Meaning I will guiding you and holding space for our container, as well as inviting you to participate in some aspects of our circle and it’s creation.

We will meet through 4 moon cycles beginning on the Full Moon October 27th,2015 and ending on the New Moon February 8, 2016.


Here is what our container looks like

2 Group Circles a month on each Full/New Moon (ish)

1 Private 90 Minute Intuitive Guidance Session  per month with Lauren

Private FB group for shares and connection

Custom Designed Mala Necklace

Winter Retreat in Late January (price and investment not included here, details to be decided on as a group)

I am personally curating this group and it will cap at 8 women.

To make space for “not rushing”, we may begin on the new moon, Nov 11th. I’ll keep you updated.


*** NEW WOMEN: meaning you have not worked with me privately in that last 3 months or been participating in our weekly group.

You are required to have at minimum 1 private session with me in our first month together. This is a $135 investment from you.

Call Dates:

Calls will be in the evenings at 6:30pm-9pm otherwise noted.We will use a video conferencing service to connect.

Moon Cycle 1

November 11th- Wednesday New Moon Call

November 25th- Wednesday Full Moon Cal

Moon Cycle 2

December 10th-Thursday  New Moon Call

December 21- Monday Winter Solstice

Moon Cycle 3

January 10- New Moon (Saturday Call 11am mst start)

January Winter Retreat (dates and cost tba)

January 24th- Full Moon (saturday Call 11am MST                  start)

Moon Cycle 4

February 8th- Monday New Moon

February 22nd- Monday Full Moon Completion


Conference line share One time Fee: We will use a conferencing service to host our video calls. This is shared cost for our 4 moon cycles that we will all chip in for at the beginning of our time. It is a $40 one time fee.

Moon Circle Group Calls


The purpose of these calls has a few layers:

  1. To connect us back to the power of gathering on or near the full and new moon energy; connecting us to the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

  2. To be a place to drop in, share, and connect as women. We learn from what each of us is going through and learning.

  3. For me to share the monthly practice and lesson.


Calls with NOT be recorded to keep our space safe, sacred and meaningful. If for some reason you need to miss a call, then you miss it. We will meet for 2.5 hours. Through video conference if we can get it to work, or conference call.

Private Root Medicine Sessions with Lauren

These private 90 minute monthly sessions are for you and I to get really specific about your personal needs, desires, and challenges. I am very very intuitive and we will use this time to do whatever energy healing, clearing, and physical body alignment work we need to do. I will give you specific practices that are for you.

These sessions will make your experience personal, powerful, and clarifying. As a group, when everyone has their personal support and has the group support, we can attune to a higher level of growth with our own lives and with each other.

I highly recommend that EVERYONE who participates opt for a private session with me each month. You will feel so supported.



 Winter Retreat

We will meet in January (early january or early february, TBA)  for a 3.5 day play retreat (thursday eve thru Sunday). This is a collaborative project for the whole group. We will tune in together on deciding the place we all converge and how we can work together to create an amazing space. Most likely in Colorado but we need to see what works for everyone.

I will provide guidance and practices for our retreat, and I have ideas about having some body work and vibration boards there, but more to come.

Plan to make space for this in your calendar and finances. I’d say budget around $1000 for the trip ( includes airfare) . The financial and logistical details will be something that I’ll iron out by the end of november. We will share the cost of house rental and food. 

This will be our time to practice together in person, play, rest, and soak in the winter.



Custom Designed Malas


I make beautiful handcrafted mala necklaces that are designed for what you’re living into right now. They are medicine, they are talismans, they are very potent.

The addition of a Mala to your time with us would be a beautiful way to bring new energy from the stones and crystals as well as to mark your journey thus far.

You can see my work at www.thefemininerhythm.com/squarespace.com


Who This is for:


The spectrum of women I work with ranges mostly from the mid thirties to early 50s, but can be younger or older.

Whatever stage you are in, I will meet you there. The resonance here is, do you feel joy in your belly in connecting with me and this group of women. Each woman will be at a different life stage and point, yet there will be a place that we all meet.

This work is truly about becoming as fertile as you can become for your own life and what you’d like to create. Our group will serve as a grounding force to make these practices part of your lifestyle and to have a supportive environment to grow in.

For some of you this might mean making space for a partner, it might mean making space for a baby, making space for a new career, new friendships, new home, a body that feels healthy and vibrant...

Some of you might be healing from illness, heartbreak, adrenal fatigue, PCOS or other hormonal imbalances.

Some of you might be ready to understand the deeper wisdom around cultivating a healing sexual relationship with your partner, the erotic partnership, and the role of the female partner.

Some of you may just need clarity on your life path in the first place.

I will meet you at whatever place you are on your path and go from there. Our private sessions will be your personal guidance points, our group sessions will be your support team, our winter retreat will be a fun, healing, and nurturing gift where we can all come together and practice.



To join us, fill out the application and Ill be in touch to set up a call. I'm interested in the most resonant group of women coming together here. 

If you have other questions please email lauren@iamlaurensheehan.com