Jewelry acts as a talisman, a reminder of the energy you want to bring into your life next. My Malas are meant to be personal, meaningful, and medicine for the soul and spirit.
— Lauren Sheehan

Intuitively Designed and Handcrafted Malas 

How it Works

You have two options

1) Just Questions: Answer 5 questions (I send you) and I'll use those to craft your mala.

2) Root Medicine Mala Session: Have a 60 min Intuitive Guidance/Energy Healing session and I'll use our session material to craft your mala


 I handpick and handmake your mala specifically for and to you. An intentional, unique and personal piece just for you and your life.

I have a very intuitive and beautiful process for handcrafting and foraging for these beautiful pieces.

My Mala Process was Featured at "Awakening the Goddess" . Read more about my process here

When It's Complete

 I send it off. You receive and fall in love.  You have a talisman. A art piece that means something to you. Something you will cherish forever.

Preparing to send males to their owners! 

Preparing to send males to their owners! 

This ‪#‎mala‬ has become my most prized physical possession. It was crafted with love and ceremony by the dynamically talented Lauren Sheehan after a session she facilitated for me on feminine energy and root/sacral chakra opening. It is made of turquoise, jasper and garnet, and adorned with rose, wood, and a jaguar charm. All of the materials have symbolic meaning and energetic properties designed specifically for me. I haven’t taken this off since I received it, and I don’t plan to. It’s such a special piece.
Thank you so much, Lauren.
— Erin Mirelli



IMPORTANT How Pricing Works: 

Due to the varying nature and cost of stones and crystals your initial fee includes the basics of my time, creativity, and energy. It does not include the cost of stones because of the varying price and your budget.  I choose your stones after our meeting or you send me questions and then I go a foraging. 

I use real stones and crystals and do my best to use the highest quality I can find and that works with your budget. 

We will discuss your budget for your beads and when I find the ones I'd love to use I will send you an invoice for the balance. 

Here's an idea of what my fees include: 

  • Design and Meditation time: I take time to sit with your questions, your energy, and our conversation and go into meditation to begin my creative process with what stones or crystals to use and where I might find them. 
  • Foraging Time: I do the work of finding the best stones, crystals, and suppliers, as well as clearing, cleaning, activating and loving them so they are shiny and ready for your use. 
  • Crafting Time: I handmake your mala with my own two hands. 
  • Private Session time (if you bought that option): The time for our private intuitive guidance session. ($135 value)

What is NOT Included

  • Mala Bead supplies ( stones, crystals, wood etc) : 108 beads for your mala can range from $15-$100+ depending on what stones I choose and your budget. The average cost for a project is around $50-$75. We work with your budget and I communicate with you closely.
  • Shipping: I ship priority 2-3 day mail ($5.95) in the US and regular international shipping ( 10-14 days, and cost varies depending on the destination) unless discussed otherwise. 


Questions about ordering email


My Commitments in my Crafting

I use real stones and the best quality I can find. 

I work with local sellers and designers as much as I can. 

I create high quality and intentional jewelry that brings healing, beauty, joy, and meaning to your life. 

I’m a storyteller and a medicine woman at heart, and so it is important to me to create something that has meaning for the person receiving it. That is part of the medicine of them. Each stone I choose, each color I pick, each guru stone, tassel, or adornment that goes into it is very personal and specific to that person.
— Lauren Sheehan

Make it Personal :

All My Malas come with Handwritten notes, instructions for use, care and cleaning. I want you to know the story of your mala and what went into creating it.