I received my mala just 30 minutes ago.

It is beautiful. It feels really magical.

Opening the box itself was like coming upon an altar - the whole experience transported me into a different vibration - thank you for making a ritual in the receiving of this.

I wanted to share with you what happened in my initial interaction with it.

As I held it, I felt my pulse shift ever so slightly and a releasing deep within of breath. I also felt the two hemispheres of my body loop to each other in a new way.

As I wore it for a few minutes, the back of my neck where the stones rested got warm and I feel a spaciousness even after taking it off in my solar plexus/ribs, almost like I have received bodywork there. My neck remains tingly.

I look forward to wearing it while I work, when I teach, and when I meditate.

I will be doing a proper ceremony to initiate my mala tomorrow.

I am truly inspired by the words you wrote, the creativity you put into every detail, the love, the intention, the craft, the magick. I am curious to know what about the Magdalene came to you in regards to me.

I will also place that beautiful brazilian stone on my altar, but I agree it’s so special, I want to somehow find a way to wear that one as well!
— Alisa Vitti, Founder of
Hello Lauren.

I have wanted to send you a note of deep appreciate and gratitude for the beautiful Mala. It took me a bit to open the package as I was headed out of town when it arrived and I wanted to take the time to savor the opening.

The package was beautiful and the lovely addition of the roses along with the handwritten note about our conversation and the beautiful colored note touched my heart beyond anything I had imaged. You heard me and truly put into substance the essence of who I am. I love everything about the Mala, its package, its container - and the amazing scent you wrapped the cloth in! What is that? It is calming and soothing to my soul.

Two requests: may I have your mailing address so I can send you the note I’ve written. And if you can share the scent or combination of scents you used to infuse the cloth, I would love to know what it is. Every time I deeply inhale the cloth or open the container, I swoon.

Your work, your artistry and your commitment to serving the Divine feminine and our collective souls is a true gift to me personally and to the world.

Thank you!!!
— Susan Thornton

This ‪#‎mala‬ has become my most prized physical possession. It was crafted with love and ceremony by the dynamically talented Lauren Sheehan after a session she facilitated for me on feminine energy and root/sacral chakra opening. It is made of turquoise, jasper and garnet, and adorned with rose, wood, and a jaguar charm. All of the materials have symbolic meaning and energetic properties designed specifically for me. I haven’t taken this off since I received it, and I don’t plan to. It’s such a special piece.
Thank you so much, Lauren.
— Erin Mirelli